Anschutz APR Range

Away from static shooting, towards pure adrenaline.
Dynamic shooting at targets at different distances on specially marked courses. Standing position, prone position, kneeling, in challenging position the next hit and in between change the spot in the sprint - this action-loaded sport demands everything from the shooter. For these reasons, the number of shooters in the PRS scene has been growing rapidly for years.
The demands on a PRS rifle, precision, speed, reproducibility and reliability, these are the core competences of ANSCHÜTZ.

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1710 APR
1710 APR
The well-known and proven ANSCHÜTZ small bore barreld action 1710 with the extra heavy and ultra-accurate stainless steel barrel embedded in the solid and ergonomic MDT ACC Premier chassis. So the ANSCHÜTZ 1710 Barreled action in the MDT ACC chassis has already been ennobled by the IPRS and has received the approval for the Factory Division! The result when the best of different worlds...
1782 APR1782 APR
1782 APR
The 1782 APR precision rifles - in the ACC PREMIER chassis from MDT.Highest precision and functionality = Maximum success! The ANSCHÜTZ APR models were developed with one goal in mind - maximum success. This goal is only achieved through the factors of precision, functionality and ergonomics as well as the inner will to get the maximum out of every situation, under every circumstance.With the...

1761 APR1761 APR
1761 APR
The Model 1761 APR was developed especially for the small-caliber PRS disciplines. A highly precise and modern small caliber barreled action from the ANSCHÜTZ armory, paired with the ergonomically shaped XRS stock. The self-centering 1761 bolt locks with three locking lug, is equipped with a brilliant match trigger which is factory set at 750 g and underlines the precision of this total package....