Service & Return

For any after-sales or service enquiry, please email

Your email will be assigned to one of our team who will contact you as soon as possible.

(Please do not return any items to us without authorisation - unauthorised returns cannot be accepted.)



Step 1:


Contact Your Dealer

Your first point of call with any issue should be the dealer you purchased your product from. They will then liaise with us. However we do understand that sometimes this is not possible or in the case where you have bought the product directly from our website then emailing us would be the next step.



Email Us

Send an email detailing your problem to Make sure you include contact details, serial number (if applicable) and where it was purchased. Your email will then be assigned to one of our team to contact you directly.

Important: Please don’t phone us! We sometimes need to discuss the matter with the manufacturer so if we need to speak with you, we'll call you.


Step 2: Returns Form

Occasionally you may need to send your product to us for evaluation and repair. We will advise you and provide a Returns Number should this be necessary. Please do not send your product to us until you have received notification from us.


Step 3: Pack and Ship your product to us

Ship your product in a cardboard shipping box to the address provided to you by our Sales team. Please make sure your product is securely and well packaged and accompanied by a covering letter containing your contact information and returns number. We ask that you pay for shipping to us and we will cover the cost of return shipping to you.


Step 4: Evaluation and Repair

We will evaluate your product and, if required, arrange for it to be repaired. This will be done either at an approved gunsmith or at the manufacturers. We aim to do this quickly and efficiently. Occasionally we may replace your product with an equivalent of equal or better physical condition. If under warranty this will be done free of charge, if out of warranty you will be contacted to approve any charges in advance of the work being completed.


Step 6: Return to you

Our turn-around times vary depending on whther your product has returned to the manufacturer. We'll keep you informed by email and let you know when we ship your product back to you.