General Questions

I'm a member of the public, can I still order from you?

Unfortunately we are wholesale to trade. We do not sell to members of the public.

Where is my nearest dealer?

To find your nearest dealer click here and follow the instructions.

Can I buy firearms online?

You cannot buy firearms online, however you can order certain accessories via our online shop.

What is the delivery time of my items?

We endeavour to deliver within 24 hours from date of despatch. Scottish Highlands and Islands within 3 working days (carrier permitting).

Where can I find pricelists?

If you are a registed dealer you can create a trade account and access them via the downloads section on our website. 

If you are a member of the public you will not be able to view our pricelists.


What ammunition do you recommend for my rifle?

It is difficult to recommend a specific ammunition. In general, commercial ammunition performs very well with our rifles.

Can you reduce the length of a barrel?

We cannot directly reduce the length of the barrel. We offer a wide selection of models with different barrel contour and lengths. If you need to shorten a barrel, consult your trusted gunsmith.

At what distance do your rifles fire?

There are many parameters that take into account to specify an exact distance such as, the shooter´s ability, the ammunition (commercial or reloaded), the wind,…. What we can assure is an accuracy of less than one MOA at 100 yards.

What precision do Bergara rifles offer?

All bolt action rifles are SUBMOA precision tested and guaranteed. This test consists of a series of 3 shots with commercial lead ammunition in our interior gallery of 100yds. BA13TD and semi-automatic B15 are around 1MOA.


What do the abbreviations after the model stand for?

The abbreviations have the following meaning: 

ST = Hunting set trigger
D = Direct trigger
KL = Folding sight
FL = Escape sight
E = Single shot
HB = Heavy barrel
G = Barrel thread
L = Left hand
F = Fortner
Z = Room socket
MP = Multi Purpose
Silh. = Silhouette
D-RT = Running target
R = Repeater (multi-loader)
oV = without sights
* = only while stocks last


At what distances are Anschutz products zeroed in at?

Air rifles are zeroed in at 10 m. 

.22 LR rifles are sighted in at 50 m.

Rifles caliber .17 HMR, .22 Hornet and above are sighted in at 100 m.

How do I clean my rifle?

In order to ensure consistent precision over the long term, it is essential to clean the rifle regularly after shooting. The cleaning intervals and the intensity of cleaning depend in particular on the number of shots fired, the caliber, the ammunition used and the individual development of the shot pattern of the individual rifle. In the meantime, a large number of barrel cleaners and a wide variety of methods can be found on the aftermarket. Due to the above reasons, no general statement can be made as to when and how the rifle should be cleaned.

We generally recommend that inexperienced shooters and hunters in particular have their ANSCHÜTZ rifle cleaned by a specialist dealer or by gunsmith . In our experience, irreparable damage can be caused to the barrel if chemical barrel cleaners are left on for too long.

The barrel cleaner and the deposits present in the barrel react within the framework of a chemical reaction. This reaction can vary depending on the barrel material, barrel contamination, chemical barrel cleaner and cleaning agent (cleaning wicks, cleaning felt, brass brush, steel wool etc.). We do not recommend cleaning with steel wool.

First, position the gun so that the muzzle is lower than the chamber. Apply the cleaner to the barrel from the chamber and let it work in a little (follow the instructions for use). Tip: If you seal the barrel with a plug at the muzzle after spraying, no cleaning agent will drip out. After the reaction time, brush off the cleaning agent with a cleaning rod/cotton wick. Pull the brush and then the cotton wick by means of cleaning rod approx. 10 times through the barrel from chamber towards the muzzle. Always push the brush all the way through the barrel and never change direction inside the barrel, otherwise the barrel and brush may be damaged. Remove the cleaning rod/cotton wick from the gun and repeat the insertion of the cleaner and the mechanical cleaning from the chamber as described above. Repeat this until the cotton wick comes out of the gun clean.

To extend the life of the cartridge bearing cleaner, wrap a lint-free cloth around the cleaner and then use it to clean the chamber.

Use a clean cloth to remove all cleaning agents from the barrel and chamber.

The wooden stock should be cleaned with a soft cloth and maintenance oil.

Do lead bullets have disadvantages for the barrel?

Barrel wear in small bore shooting does not come from bullet abrasion but from the combustion of the powder. Therefore, the use of ammunition with copper-plated bullets is not a problem. Bullet abrasion can impair precision, so small bore barrels should also be cleaned of residues from time to time.


What are the washing directions for my clothing?

Did you know that the washing symbols on your clothes are not just for keeping the clothes from shrinking or loose elasticity? The symbols are also there for protecting them from losing their water repellent properties, losing their breathability or clogging the pores in the fabric. This makes it extra important to follow the labels when washing your outdoor clothes. If you care for your clothes the right way you'll prolong their longevity, which makes both your wallet and the environment happy.


Wash rarely

Every time you wash your clothes it takes a toll on them. Try to wash them as seldom as possible to extend their longevity.


Keep in mind

Does your garment really need to be washed or would it suffice to wipe off the dirt, mud etc. with a dry or damp cloth? Never iron your functional garment, you risk ruining the heat sensitive surface that protects against wind and water.

Close and button

Close all zippers, pockets, ventilation openings etc. to protect the clothes. Otherwise the zipper teeth risk damaging the other garments in the washing machine.  

Colour with colour

To protect your garments and maintain the colour you should wash the garments with similar colours, especially in the beginning. This keeps the fabric from miscolouring. 

Avoid fabric softener

Fabric softener is a big no-no when it comes to functional garments, as it deteriorates the water repellent surface and breathability, and clogs the pores. It's also better for the environment as fabric softener causes chemical pollution.

Dry clean? No!

Dry cleaning wears the clothes out. By avoiding dry cleaning you not only protect the clothes but also save energy and help the environment.


How can I register my gun?

You can register your shotgun by creating an account or by logging in with your existing one at this link https://www.fair.it/reserverd/en/. Once you have logged in, you can register your shotgun, give an opinion on your rifle and access the download area where you will find the various user manuals, catalogs and much more.

Where can I find F.A.I.R. catalogues?

F.A.I.R catalogues can be found here.